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Here we discuss ways and means to ttjasi: to escape our current job and find a new working life.

Unfortunately, nobody has a right to be happy at work. But that doesn't mean you are obligated to be unhappy, nor does it give bosses a right to make you unhappy. So if work isn't working for you, try to do something else. Ttjasi!

First step is to get your priorities clear, so that you can then make good decisions about whether you should ttjasi, and if so how.

We see four main ways to ttjasi:

  • Move to a new job. it might be you are in bad company (pun intended)

  • Move to a different job. Maybe you need a change, whether it is to shift up a gear or down.
  • Work for yourself. If you want to, and are suited and ready for it, go for it!
  • Stop working. Many of us would love to, so consider what you need to do.

Once you choose your approach, then get ready: bring together all the skills and resources you need to do it right.

Finally, take the plunge and ttjasi

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This page is the title (root) page of a book
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