The 7 Top Reasons Why You Can’t Quit Your Job

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7 You are afraid of the unknown

You are worried about not knowing what will happen to you. You can drive half-a-ton of steel at sixty miles an hour inches away from other vehicles, and trust their drivers to do the same. You can purchase and eat food that you didn’t see being cooked. You can enter a convenience store after nightfall. You regularly plug and unplug cables carrying 120 volts (or 240 volts) of lethal electricity. Heck, you pipe the stuff through a pad in your bed. But changing jobs is really dangerous.

6 It is comfortable where you are.

It may not be great but it is not so bad. Your boss cares about your personal future and is doing everything he/she and the company can do to advance you and set you up for a good retirement. Your co-workers are all the kind of people you would socialise with anyway even if you didn’t work with them. What you do is what you would do as a volunteer. It is more fun at this job than anything else you could be doing.

5 You can’t afford a pay-cut or time out of work

If your income were halved this year it would be a disaster. You would fall to nearly the income levels of your parents when they were your age. Only half the third world would want to be you instead of all of them. No way that half your spending goes on things you could do without for a short while. And the tax benefits would barely cover your annual bar tabs.

4 There is too much competition for work

You’re right. An employer is never going to look at you when there are all those people who have been out of a job for years, turned down by dozens of employers already. Employers don’t want someone like you who resigned with a plan to better yourself and thinks their job is something you’d be happier at and do a better job of, when they could get cheap workers who are way more desperate.

3 Your partner would kill you

You would be selfish to introduce such uncertainty into your partner’s life. Instead of worrying about your personal development, you should be delivering the weekly paycheck. They don’t care if you are irritable and restless – better that than getting you all fired up with some scheme to make more money and be happier in the future. A partner who keeps you stable and sensible is more than you deserve.

2 Your parents would kill you

Listen to them. They know that the key to happiness is to land a good job and hang on to it for life. Be loyal to the firm and the firm will be loyal to you. It worked for them and it still works in the 21st Century.

1 You have no right to aspire

You have a job. The majority of the human race don’t. Who do you think you are, wanting more? You were put onto this Earth to work and work you shall. You are not here to pursue wisdom or happiness. You are here to produce, to contribute to the social machine. Get over it and get back to your job.

Feeling riled? I hope so. Rip each of these arguments apart then get on and do something about it: ttjasi!. You owe it to your future.

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