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"You should never confuse your career with your life" Dave Barry
Ever wished you could quit your job? do something else for a living? or just stop work? is here to help you do it
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Got a story about quitting you would share with us?On this website, ttjasi (t'jazee) is the art of quitting your job. It is also our philosophy of personal fulfillment and freedom, to liberate pay slaves. In a free world why must we work for people we don't like, doing tasks we don't want to?

In popular use, the word ttjasi means to quit, to walk away from a job, usually expressing some disgruntlement, and sometimes in an aggressive way.

The word came from the acronym TTJASI for that great song "Take This Job & Shove It" by David Allan Coe, made famous by Johnny PayCheck. But now it is a word in its own right, as shown by the Urban Dictionary (warning: that site has some offensive content).

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