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The first step in ttjasi is to understand what is really important in our lives.

This is different for each individual. Some want to serve their god, some want to serve their fellow man, some want to grow themselves, some are devoted to family.

Find out what comes first for you (see "Determining priorities").

“Work to live, don’t live to work”. Some people do a job they hate, to pay for a life they like. That’s cool, if that supports your priorities. What is uncool is when work prevents you from meeting your higher priorities. That is when you get work out of the way: when work has become more important in your life than it should.

There is an old saying that nobody ever lay on their deathbed thinking "I wish I had spent more time at work". For a few people, this might just be the case: those who have "a calling" - an occupation that was the most important thing in their life. For the rest of us, we should control the impact work has on our lives.

Likewise work can just become unbearable. Once again look at your higher priorities and whether an ugly job is impacting them: declining health, irritable at home, too miserable to party, losing dignity, whatever. When work isn't working, ttjasi.

If employees are expendable, so are employers. The new generation of workers is not afraid to walk: if you are under 30 I’m preaching to the converted here. For the rest of you, get wise. Don’t be afraid to do a ttjasi.

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This page is part of a book: "How to ttjasi"
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